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Right so some of you may or may not know that my boyfriend went off to uni last thursday but i havnt seen him since tuesday. Hes been going out everynight so far i think, which i dont mind what so ever, I get a chances to talk to him pretty much everday before he goes out. But i've been having an incredibly shit time with my mum, shes just been horrible basically, and he knows how me and my mum have a bad relationship for a long time.

So pretty much everytime i go onto the phone to him i end up crying just cause the problem feels like tis getting worse and i cant keep my feelings in anymore, the last thing i want is to ruien freshers week for him, and i keep asking him are you sure im not bringing you down with all this and hes like oh no its fine trust me.

I jsut want to know if it was you would you feel as if it was bringing your mood down ect? And also do you think that i should lay off and keep my emotions back? (i've tried it, but he seems to know when im down and he insists to know whats up, but i suppose i could try harder to keep my emotions back)

I just dont want to ruien this experience for him, he always says that hes here for me and he wont give up on me. I just dont want to put even more strain on our relationship, but he says he doesnt mind me speaking about it....So do you think i should lay off talking about my problem?

EDIT: I've only talked about the problem once to him, all the other times i've ended up crying is because of my mum, but i've kinda made out that its because i missed him (which i do incredicbly - but i dont think i would be no where near as emotional if my mum wasnt like this) so its not as if im bombarding him with my problem all the time.

I realise this is confusing, so ask away if your confused haha


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    No i wouldnt lay off if i were you. I would be incredibly frustrated and hurt if someone i loved didnt share their problems with me, even though they needed my help, because they didnt want to bring me down. He's your boyfriend, you should be able to talk to him about anything and have him support you without feeling guilty. He loves you so he will listen.
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    I know, i think he would be upset if i didnt tell him. Its just im feeling incredible lonely atm, all my close friends at college never go on msn so when hes out at clubs/pubs i dont have anything to do but college work at night. I wouldnt know what i'd do if we broke up, I depend on him quite alot...so i dont want to put strain on the relationship which ends up in us breaking up. Im just worried i guess :(
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    Maybe let him know that you're feeling like this. If he knows then you two can talk it through. Its always best if you have any doubts or are worried about anything to talk about it.
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    I will! im seeing him this weekend which im so exicted about! i will tell him then, he has alot on in the next couple of days, so i might not be able to speak to him properley till then.

    thanks btw :) i feel stupid making a post about it, but i just needed some advice (and to get it off my chest), i would do alot to keep this relationship going!
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