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I'm new here because i have been looking for another line of support.
Since January 25, 2009 i haved been in treatment for depression and social anxiety. Also a few doctors are trying to decide if i have asbergers syndrome (sorry, I don't know how to spell it). I currently have therapy every day of the week for 6 hours a day, but it just doesn't seem to be helping anymore. Since I have an extremly hard time being around people I can't go many places and that makes my depression worse. I have also felt a strong urge to self-harm recently. I guess my main question i need some help on is this: What are good ways to deal with anxiety? I already have alot of coping skills from therapy, but most of those involve being around people. Currently I can't handle being around more than 20 people because every group i have been in for the past year has been that size. I am sorry that I wrote so much.


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    Hi Blue Boy :wave:

    Welcome the The Site's discussion boards - we are all really pleased that you have found the community here. It is a very supportive and friendly environment. We are glad that you have posted, and please do not worry about how much you write - you are welcome to write as much as you feel you need to, there is no limit.

    Seems like there is a lot going on for you at the moment - that you are having thoughts of harming yourself and that you are in therapy for most of the day, everyday. It sound's quite intense. There is no exact answer to your question, but our information pages on anxiety and stress have loads of great advice and resources on there - why don't you check them out? Also look at the 'related articles' and 'next steps' on the right hand side of each information page.

    The Site has a whole heap of information on self-harm that you may also want to look at? There is a lot to take in, so perhaps just take one section at a time - starting with the 'self-harm and you ' heading? Have you been able to speak to anybody about the thoughts of self-harm and anxiety you feel?

    Take care and do keep posting to let us know how you are getting on. :)
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    Nice to 'see you' :wave:

    When things get hard, set yourself little steps, think, right i am going to go to lets say, the corner shop, then to the library, then to a supermarket etc. Set yourself little achievable goals, and i bet you, you can do it! ;)
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