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hi i'm Kaylee and i need help.

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I just joined this site and im not sure what to do. I guess ill tell a little bit about me. I am a recovering self harmer and I've only been on the waggon since June. Here recently I've had urges to "cut".I've been realy stressed out and almost sliped up a couple times. So if any one could give me advice on how to control these "cravings" or could just talk to me, it would realy help. I realy don't want to be a self harmer any more. I don't want to hurt my family and friends as well as myself.


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    have you tried hobbies or clubs? Or going on a youth holiday like where you rock climb and canoe and do all kinda of adventurous stuff where you can meet new folk and chat to them and you never know you might find someone whose in the same situation as you? JB x
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    **helen****helen** Deactivated Posts: 9,235 Supreme Poster
    Hi Kaylee,
    Welcome to TheSite. :wave:

    Just moved your thread into health & wellbeing as more people are likely to see it and reply here. :)
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    Hi Kaylee :wave:

    Firstly welcome to the site and for sharing with us part of you. You said you`ve been on the wagon since June, well done thats a great achievement, is not easy and takes a lot of courage.
    We hope you get the support and helpful advice your looking for from the site.

    You said you would like help with the "cravings" and recenlty had urges to cut. Have you thought about how or why your stress levels have gone up? there may be a reason that you recongnise and are able to talk it through.
    Also you may not have had chance to look at the self harm pages yet but there are great tips for distractions and advice, we hope these help.

    Take care and keep posting
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    Hi Kaylee, firstly CONGRATS for staying free since June, i stopped drinking and trying to kill myself about three months ago, i just hope i'm as strong as you. Your family must be REALLY proud of you so you have to keep it up! I understand what you mean about cravings, not in the same way but i've woken up crying because i wanted a drink SO bad, i knew just for a few hours my head would be able to rest but giving in isn't the way Kaylee, YOU made the decision to stop and it felt good didn't it ? Just fix that feeling in your head and be strong, people care, ANYTIME you need to pass a few hours just look me up on here or Facebook ok, most nights - anytime you feel low ok. chin up girl your'e doing fine x Blu
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