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Hope this crazyness makes sense

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I wasn't sure if I should put this in here or in law but anyway...

Bit of a long story but I'll try cut it short. I went for a job interview and was offered the job, but had to wait for my crb to come through which can take up to 8 weeks. When offered a job like this they advise you not to hand in your notice til your crb comes back as like I said it can take 8 weeks and you might be stuck without a job for a month.
Anyway I decided to tell my current work that I had been offered another job and that I would be leaving, and I explained the crb waiting thing. They were fine about this. However a couple of weeks ago my area manager sat me down and had a go at me as I had not yet handed in my notice-that they had been interviewing and employing other people and we couldn't have the studio overstaffed, to which I thought-wait til I hand my notice in then, I could have not said anything but I thought I was doing the decent thing by being upfront with them.
Then I go sick from work with suspected swine flu (woo) and when I felt better I went back to work to find a new studio manager who within 5 minutes sat me down and demanded to know what was going on with my notice and that 2 weeks ago I was given a 2 week deadline to hand my notice in. I explained to new studio manager about the waiting for crb and that conversation did not happen. I was not given or did I agree to a 2 week deadline for my notice.

Can they do this?!


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    If you have not handed your notice in, then you have not handed it in, simple.

    I was in a similar situation, needing a lot of time off at short notice for new job selection process, I obviously used my holiday allowance, but like getting a phone call the day before asking if I could come in.

    I was lucky that they were constantly on the look out for new staff at the time.
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