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Hey everyone.. well my name is Elena I'm from Florida and i am 17 years old.
Because of a bad relationship with my ex, is when i started to cut myself... this is something i feared something that i didn't ever have the courage to do yet again think about. But one night, he pushed me over the edge, i was crying hysterically begging him to stop treating me bad and he just turned off his phone and didn't want to hear it.. i got desperate i felt like i was panicking and i grabbed a razor off from my shaver and started to cut myself. i eventually broke up with him, i couldn't take the emotional abuse. About two weeks ago we began to talk again after a month of not being together. and i met this super nice guy who treats me great. but my ex came back into my life. to tell you the truth i have not gotten over him so talking to him was falling back into the same old song and dance. two days ago i cut myself again.. i was telling him that i was feeling lonely and depressed and that i was still hurting from how he treated me.. and that i urged to cut myself. he didn't want to hear it and basically said that im so boring and that im always depressed and that i was trying to make him feel bad and that i was stupid for cutting myself and that i just wanted attention.. well that didn't help much so i ended up cutting myself.. i told him and he got mad and called me names and ect.. then he felt bad and tried to comfort me but it was to late. should i really continue to talk to him or is he forcing me to cut myself.. i need advice asap this situation is getting worse by the minute


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    Dr PirateDr Pirate Posts: 8,303 Legendary Poster
    wall of text.

    1)get rid of your old boyfriend
    2)totally remove him from your life
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    Soph001Soph001 Posts: 105 The Mix Convert
    Dear Elena,

    Welcome to TheSite! :wave: I'm really glad you've found this place; it's somewhere you can vent or ask advice. Have you seen the Self Harm pages? You'll find lots of information and tips there. People have also found the mind website helpful.

    If you want to actually speak to someone I'm sure there are telephone support services in your area, although I'm afraid I don't know a lot about the resources in Florida.

    It sounds like your self harming is linked very directly to seeing this guy; so do you have to do that? Think about your priorities, and if you want some advice specifically on relationships, then of course there's a Relationships thread as well as a Health and Wellbeing one where lots of people will be happy to share their thoughts.

    Good luck with this, I hope you can stay strong and well done for seeking help so promptly :)
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    I had this same sort of situation with my ex, the more he stressed me out, the more i cut. I haven't been in contact with him for 7 months now, and ... i haven't cut in that time! so yeh.... when something is a 'trigger' for you cutting (ie: ex making you stressed) it is better to avoid situations where he has the chance to do that.
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