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I've had enough of my life

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I've been off work for 2 weeks due to me not being able to stand up all day, every day because of an ulcer on my ankle.

My dad thinks I'm joking about me having pain because the last time I had an ulcer, I didn't have a problem standing up all fucking day at work last fucking year.

Its not my fault I'm having problems with the ulcer.

3 weeks ago I went to see a nurse about the ulcer, and at one point she said that my job isn't doing any good to me...I knew this before she said it, fucking cow.

I've been looking for a job where I can sit down all day or be on my feet every day walking around (unlike my current job as I'm standing in one fucking spot all day). I'm failing at finding a new job.

I just don't know whether to go to the docs to get a sick note for 2 or weeks or go to work tomorrow.

I feel like my life has gone downhill ever since I got varicose veins and 2 fucking ulcers after I broke my fucking leg.

I need some advice on what to do really.
Sorry for the swearing, but I'm seriously pissed off with the problems with my legs.


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Theres no need to be a bit abusive towards a woman who is only doing her job.

    As for the job, what kind of stuff do you do, is there any chance you could flip departments?
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    I don't really care about the nurse. She even put a sticky 'dressing' over the top of the ulcer, and when I took it off, it took off a layer of skin with it. I wasn't at all happy with that!! She also put a bandage over my good leg when there was no need for it!!


    No I can't change 'departments'. I work in a horrible chocolate factory. There is no way I can do that.

    I'm into conservation, wildlife, fishing, RAF (can't do this now due to my legs!!!), Webpage Design (High demand for them, don't think I'll bother). Photography.

    I need to be walking around to get my blood flowing in my legs to make the blood pump back up to my heart. As I stand in one place all the time, the blood starts to pool in my legs due to the pressure of the blood not being able to pump/circulate, back up to my heart.

    Maybe I could work outside, but I have no idea what I want to do!!
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    I'd your not even going to try then I don't rally know what you expect us to say. If you like photography how about setting up a website and selling copies, I know someone who does it and it works for them as something on the side. And then walking around and stuff to take photos might help.
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    I've been looking for a job for the past 7 years ever since I got my current job!!
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I would guess that the first thing to do, since you have a medical reason, is to arrange regular breaks from your work station at your current job for you to have a walk around.
  • Olly_BOlly_B Mod-u-like Posts: 222 Settling in
    Hi Mr Ferrari,

    If your job is impacting on your health that much then you need to take some positive action.

    Firstly, you may well fall under the Disability Discrimination Act, which requires your employer to make reasonable adjustments for you because of your disability. That could be allowing you to sit rather than stand, or giving you breaks, or providing you with special footwear.

    Secondly, even if you don't fall under the DDA, your employer is unlikely to simply want to lose an otherwise good employee because of your health issue if they can reasonably accommodate you.

    You haven't said what conversations you've had with your employer; it's worth arranging a meeting with someone from HR and talking through what issues you have and having some solutions.

    And, perhaps plan some positive steps about looking for another job. Have you done volunteering at a stately home or country park where there is plenty of walking around and matches your interests? What about things like tour guides or town centre wardens? You might need to be proactive and approach some organisations rather than simply looking for vacancies.

    Good luck,

  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Also if you've got on going health problems and your lifestyle is impacting them then it's worth trying to get a referral to Occupational Health who should be able to advise you on some exercises and lifestyle changes to try and help your health rather than your work doing it any more harm.

    Sounds like you need to arrange an appointment with your GP as a starting point on work on long term solutions rather than only short term fixes in the form of sick notes.

    On the wound management front, do you routinely see the same nurse or is it a different one every time? If you've got on going ulcers then it would be best if you could see the same nurse, even if it's not every time then with reasonable frequency so they can monitor your progress.
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    I have regular breaks every 2 hours, the same as everyone else

    I do not fall under the Disibilty Act as I am NOT disabled.
    HR? They don't have a human resources.
    I am not going to do any of the jobs you mentioned.

    Never heard of 'OC'. Besides, I know what I have to do.

    I went to work on monday. I just survived standing up all day in one fucking spot. When I got home the pain started to kick in, I couldn't hardly move my foot. Pain killers didn't work at all!!

    Went to the docs yesterday and got a sick note for 1 month so that I can alternate between walking and resting my leg.

    Yes its going to affect my future.

    I see the same nurse every week, although I have just started going to get it dressed every week.
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