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The Kingsnorth Policing report is out

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Before we start I should point out, as Whowhere has observed in previous posts, that this post refers to a specificm Police force; in this case Kent - although officers were drafted from various forces nationwide for this.


I haven't had chance to read it yet, just seen the article but this quote from the report just leapt out:
Although "huge amounts of property were seized" during the climate camp protests, only 2,000 stop-and-search forms – fewer than 25% – were legible. The report said this raised questions about the competence of police officers and their understanding of the law.

I submit again - the educational requirements for becoming a police officer are NONE - you only have to pass an in house written test.
The reviews paint a picture of widespread breakdown in communication, with police officers from visiting forces given hardly any explanation about why they had been deployed by Kent. They found officers on the ground were under-trained, did not understand their powers, lacked knowledge of basic public order terminology and were given outdated intelligence.

Things need to change; the police service in this country needs to look seriously about who it is recruiting - at the moment we have too many who look like hooligans with self-inflated egos and no sense of public duty masquerading as officers of the law, rendering invisible good work being done at a community level.
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