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Methotrexate? Anyone got any info?

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Hi guys

A close family member of mine has Rhuematoid Arthritis, and has been taking sulphasalazine and another drug for a few years. Recently he has had a few more flare ups than normal (which never seem to completely go) so his Rheumatologist has suggested he try Methotrexate. As it's a strong medication, he has been told to think about it - but he gets v. depressed looking up stuff / researching anything to do with RA which I understand, and he's asked me to search some forums to see if anyone has any experiences of the drug?

Oh, he doesn't drink so not having alcohol wont be a problem.

Thanks x


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    well my dads 40 and has been taking methotrexate for about 5 years. It has helped his arthirtis, however... He is on the strongest dose possible (along with other medication too) and is going to die with in the next 5/10 years... He can no longer have children and (some) of side affects are:

    *Sight loss
    *Unable to have children
    *Catching chickenpox/shingles can kill

    They are the ones my dad has come across. One the back of the packet there is a huge list of side affects.

    I would like to add, I am a vegan- my dad was veggie, but has now gone vegan. His vegan diet has helped him alot, more than his medicane has anyway! So, diet can help some people too.

    Crying-angel x
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