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what to do?

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ok...this is my first time doing this. i know it's gonna sound pathetic, but i just thought i'd try a new tactic.
i've had problems with depression nearly all my life, denying it just hasn't helped, so there. i used to take substances to help feeling numb and i would self harm. i can't take the substances anymore (which is sh** xD) because i left that circle long ago, but my self harming has just gotten worse.
right now, i'm simply hoping that this isn't a load of pi**, and that it might actually help. so instead of making myself bleed again, i was hoping that someone would help, and give any suggestions they have for distractions...



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    Hi BeebooX,
    That doesn't sound pathetic at all! I think it's brave of you to ask for help :)
    When I get the urge, I find a useful ditraction is to doodle/write stuff down. Sometimes that takes enough time for the feelings to subside.
    If not I like hitting myself with an object such as the thin edge of a ruler. That may sound strange but it does a lot less damage than actual cutting but still relieves the tension...
    Have you checked out the pages on thesite too? some of them are quite helpful.
    Hope your evening has gone well :)
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    hey BeebooX,:wave:

    thanks for joining the site! feel free to look around the site we have many articles of information on self harm and depression amongst other things that you can look at and that may help you.
    sorry to hear that you are having a rough time at the moment, have you accessed any help from your GP or been able to tell anyone how your feelings??often sharing how your feelings with someone you trust can help.

    keep posting and take care of yourself:wave:
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