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Byelections and suicides when expenses claims made public, say govt whips...

Due to an extremely heavy workload I've had recently, I've not been able to write about this one so far. We've all heard about the details of Damian McBride sending e-mails with disgusting and false claims about Tory politicians and their families. The main players in this story can be summed up as follows. Damian McBride - cunt. Derek Draper - cunt. Gordon Brown - cunt. Nadine Dorries - cunt. Guido Fawkes - absolute fucking legend. I don't much care for these emails - untrue allegations about politicians have always done the rounds and always will.

What I'm more interested in is the reaction of the press to this. On Monday morning, the Grauniad had a front page story claiming that this story could cost Labour the next general election. Yesterday, they featured a piece by some lickspittle called Martin Kettle called "Brown must flush the dark arts culture out of his regime". An impossible aim in itself, as the dark arts culture is a fundamental part of the New Labour project. It's not just Iain Dale who was smeared as a racist by Dolly Draper, the Zanu Labour appartchik - remember the case of Rose Addis, anyone?

What really struck me was this: "If Brown is really to break the present siege of political life, a purge is not enough. He must also show leadership on the even more debilitating issue of parliamentary expenses. The publication of all MPs' receipts is a time bomb waiting to explode in July. Government whips speak of the danger of byelections, and even suicides, when they are made public. Sir Christopher Kelly's review, with public hearings and all, stretches haplessly to the end of the year."

So some politicians are so blatantly on the fiddle that they'd kill themselves if the public ever found out? Makes you wonder just what these bastards have been up to, don't it? Get me some more lamp posts and piano wire pronto!

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    Pretty much agree with you, I think on the one hand they should be allowed relatively discretionary expenses as they have a complex job BUT I think the expenses should be transparent.

    I guess it comes down to that issue that Gordon Brown brought up a while ago with something or other, that if certain information was made public it would make the government look very unpopular and so they wouldn't release it (implying that tough decisions need to be made and they need the freedom from the public eye in order to make them, otherwise they will fear doing the 'right' thing in order to satisfy the voters...).

    But I don't see why they shouldn't be public.
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