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:mad: even when you feel so alone and low how do you help someone else thats feeling the same way??

Here goes you all properly know that i am feeling not my best right now...and tonight someone has broken into my dads house he does not have alot of things and the one thing he did have (computer) they have taken it!!!....he is the strongist person ever he never gets upset yet tonight he started crying saying he didnt want to wake up!!....thats not right hes my dad but i feel like that too all the time so how do i help him when i feel like that myself??

am so scared of what he might do because he has never said anything like that before and it hurts me to see him soo hurt.

sorry for ranting but they got me sooo mad taking something that meant alot to my dad!! who canot afford 2 get anything one!!!:mad: :mad: :mad:


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    You can only help him by being there for him and letting him know he can rely on you, if he needs you.

    No one likes to see their parents so upset. With support though, he should get through it.

    Best wishes from me.
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    I don't know if you've seen some of the advice sheets on TheSite.org about health and wellbeing, including this one about understanding depression, which might help you gauge whether or not your dad has a mental health problem.

    Do you and your dad normally have difficulty talking about this kind of thing? It can be hard to raise with a parent, because they're used to the caring role, and you're used to being supported. Do you think it would be enough if you tried to show your support, as The Convincer says, in other ways? Like bringing round his favourite thing to eat or a video, or bringing round your computer to let him use...that way he can see that he has things money can't buy!

    Maybe helping your dad and thinking about his problems will help you understand your own feelings. Do you think it was just the theft that has suddenly made him feel like that?
    Good luck and keep posting to let us know how he is + how you are.
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