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Urmm.. Well my Uncle is depressed for two different reasons, one was cheating on his wife who he was married to for 3 months? and the other because he misses his dad (my grandad), he has self harmed, slit his wrists a number of time, hung himself several times too, and taken overdoses. Its been going on since July 07, on my prom night!
Before all this started.. He told me I was the most important girl in his life, and he wouldnt let anything hurt me.. Yet, everything he has done has made me emotionally numb? It might sound stupid to all of you. But i think its made me depressed to, ive tried self-harming myself to take away the pain that i am feeling, ive told my parents i dont want to be here anymore, ive let it affect my whole life really.. Ive not got many friends at all, so i dont have anyone to talk to about it, i tried counselling but that didnt help me either :(
All i want is to help my Uncle, he means the World to me, he did before any of this all happen, im crying as i write this, i cant cope with him doing this all the time, its affecting us all, and only recently its started to show.. I would do absolutly anything to try and help him :crying:
I just need some advice/help.. I dont have a social life anymore, ive shut alot of people out, i dont open up to people, but the people i do open up too always end up in tears with what i say.. Like i said, im emotionally numb, ive tried to do things that make me happy, but here i am months on, still not sleeping properly or eating properly, i become ill alot because i worry? Its got to the point where i really cant cope, its not all to do with my Uncle, its other things too like bereavment, and my relationship with my boyfriend, he doesnt know what to do with me when im in a state..
Please, can someone try and help :( :crying:
I would appreciate it x


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    You can't be emotionally numb if this is affecting you so much.

    Your uncle clearly needs help. But beyond telling him to go and seek help. there's nothing much more you can do for him.

    Are you sure your own depression is down to your uncle rather than being independent? Maybe he isn't the source of you problems.
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    He does need help, but he doesnt want it himself. So theres nothing more we can do.

    Most of it is down to him, I was always happy before i knew all this about him, not all of it is down to him but like i say, most of it is.
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    Hey HisGirl :wave:

    As you are new to The Site - we wish you a warm welcome. Hopefully you will find the advice and support you are looking for.

    You have already had some great comments from The Convincer. :yes:

    It sounds like you love and care for your Uncle very much, but as has been said there is not a lot you can do for him - he has to do it for himself. This can be difficult and it seems like this has left you feeling a little helpless. As hard as it may be, you may have to take a step away from your Uncle in order to keep yourself safe. How would it feel to do this?

    You have mentioned that you have your parents and your boyfriend, this is great that you have these people around you. What kind of things do they say to you when you are telling them how you feel? Have you told them about your self-harming?

    You've said that you have tried counselling and it didn't help. Sometimes it can take time to trust a counsellor and sometimes they just may not be the right person. How would it feel to try again but with a different counsellor? Have you spoken to your Doctor about how things are for you at the moment? They may be able to suggest some other treatments or therapies for you, or even refer you to some other support networks?

    The Site has a whole load of information and fact sheets that you may find helpful. They are current and clear. The following ones may be a place to start?
    Visiting your GP

    Perhaps check these out and let us know how you get on or if you need any more advice, support or just a place to vent.

    Keep posting and take care. :)
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