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Moving on up, moving on out ... what to look for/ask when renting??

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So, the time has come for me to get off my arse and move out of the family home. I've been commuting 195 miles a day for the last year, more or less, and as well as piling ridiculous mileage on the two cars I've had in that time, it leaves me tired, stressed and miserable! Not to mention having no life at all.

I'm moving to the Reading area (either close to the M4 corridor, or close to a major railway route) and have a healthy budget of up to £600 pcm (including bills)

I've already spied a few nice rooms available in house shares, but I'm a total n00b at all of this so, without further ado ...

What should I be looking for/asking?
I'm the kind of person who researches the crap out of something before I buy it, but when it comes to the big money items, I walk in, have a quick look around and say "Yeah seems fine, I'll take it." :banghead:
(I did this with my current car. Took it for a brief test drive, then put down the full asking price without haggling. Thankfully, it all worked out for the best!!)


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    If you're looking at house shares, go in and talk to the people you'll be living with - like a job, you're interviewing them as much as the other way around. Try and meet everyone. Think about whether your lifestyle meshes with theirs - if they all work in bars, and you're doing a 9-5, they may keep you awake when they come in late, for example.

    Find out what the rent includes - i.e, water rates, council tax, gas, tv licence, electricity. Is there a kitty for communal milk/bread etc, or do you all have your own?

    What sort of deposit do you need to put down? Are they on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, and if so, is it through an agent, do you need to pay them for referencing and 'paperwork costs'? How long will the tenancy tie you in for? What sort of notice period is there to get out?

    Hope that helps a bit :) Also, don't forget to look around, you DON'T have to take the first one you find. There are always people looking for flatmates.
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    Thanks for the info :) (Took a while for me to come back to this post)
    I've had loads of calls, voice messages and messages left on the website so I need to get to it!
    My head's been all over the place these last few weeks (another thread :p) so I've really not been able to focus on this, so need to get back in the game and sort it out. There's some nice stuff out there, looking at the pictures!
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