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Legal help student flat contract

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Hey I'm a final year student living at home.

I'm planning to do a masters next year (have put one app in) and need to put one more (2 similar courses).

Basically I'm moving into a flat with my gf this sept and am about to sign the tenancy agreement tomorrow.

The only thing is that the paperwork requires me to state if I'm a student or not... technically I am now and (hopefully will be) by sept. The estate agents do student and professional lettings - I need to check which the property we are moving into is.

Basically, (regardless which it is) if I signed the contract tomorrow and stated that I was a student, which should still be true by sept, where do I stand legally if I don't get onto a masters. Would it be classed as fraud? I mean I'd want to take the flat even if i have to get a job next year, it's more that if I sign the contract, could they say I breached it (in the event I don't get onto a course). If so I'd still be obliged to pay the years rent but they might not let me live in the property. Is that right?

Help please


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    I would mention your situation to the letting agency. From past experience, a lot of landlords aren't too fussed so long as you can pay the rent, and your situation isn't too uncommon. It may be they don't accept DSS tho, so it would be worth covering your back and seeing if you can get a friend or relative to agree to be your guaranteur, if the agency wants one. It would be better to honest about it, because if you do end up working rather than being a student, you would be liable to pay council tax, and you may need to factor this into your living costs before signing anything. Another option may be to talk to you girlfriend about just having her name on the tenancy agreement. I've known a few people get around the council tax issue this way (obviously it's quite dishonest!)
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    cheers mate. yeah i think i'll just explain tomorrow and pay council tax if need be.
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