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KSF Folder

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I work for the NHS and we have something called a KSF folder that we are supposed to keep up to date to prove that we can apply our skills and knowledge.

It really bloody infuriates the hell out of me that we have to do this folder its linked to pay progression called gateways too which means you can't go throught your next pay gateway on the anniversary of your employment if your Manager feels you have not kept the folder up to date.

What ever happened to going to work and doing your job, I mean you would think that if you wasnt doing your job someone would tell you, without you having to keep a silly fecking folder up to date to prove you can do the job.

Ive had enough.

Anyone else on here work for the NHS and have such a KSF folder, they even got it written into part of our contracts of employment.

KSF stands for Knowledge Skills Framework and is also linked to PDR Personal Development Review, which I must say in the 2 years Ive worked for the NHS Ive never had a PDR and have automatically gone through my pay gateways without my Manager even asking to see the god damn folder.

What do others that work for the NHS think of this !


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    No one on this site work for the NHS then.

    I must be the only NHS slave on here then - PMSL !:yippe:
  • Olly_BOlly_B Posts: 222 Trailblazer
    Hi swiftybird26,

    Welcome to the boards - and I'm sure there are other people who work for the NHS here; perhaps they haven't spotted your message yet.

    Keeping a continuous review of your skills and experience is standard practice across most professions. Indeed, it's one of the key elements of what makes a profession different to a regular job: a professional is often described as a "self-reflecting practioneer". Professionals are meant to be responsible for their own development and learning, not reliant on someone else to tell them.

    In something like nursing, where standards are crucial but often are updated, it's important to make sure that you are ensuring your knowledge is up-to-date. And being able to demonstrate that.

    The issue perhaps isn't that you don't like keeping the folder; but if it isn't being used in your review then you find the exercise a bit pointless. You've said that you've managed to get through your current reviews without it being an issue, but I'm assuming you don't want to stay in your current job forever, so you may need to produce it at interviews etc.

    I don't know about nursing, but in journalism where you are expected to keep a cuttings book (not the same, but), I really like the opportunity to see how I've developed over time. Perhaps it's worth chatting to your colleagues, and making it something you do together over a bottle of wine rather than something you feel mandated to do once a year just before your appraisal.

    Hope this helps...

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    In two months I will be working for the NHS and I don't really have that big an opinion on it. It's just something I know I have to do. If it proves I am competent and willing to learn then so be it.

    I already have a load of courses and things I want to complete and work my way through the gateways. Though not to ward manager level, no way am I doing that. I am hoping to specialise in something rather then take on a managerial role.
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    I am admin staff and find it all very pointless having to prove in this silly folder that I can communicate, report any health & safety problems etc etc, I am looking for another job as its like always being on an NVQ course. and Ive got 2 of them already so don't see the point of it.

    Oh well hopefully a new job will come up soon because Im off out the NHS as soon as I can, if I wanted to feel like I was back at school I would have chose to go to University, I just want a job where I can go to work do job and come home and forget about it until the next day.

    Or is that too much to ask ?
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    I can see what you mean but it also helps to work your way up. As much as the NHS has it's bad points it has it's good points too. Good pension, good promotional offers and it's easy to work your way up once you are within the organisation.
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