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For anybody that's feeling low...

Ok, I'm sure anyone that anyone who has had to visit doctors for any mental health reasons have usually found their practices to be quite inadequate.

I'm amazed that many of them can't even arise in your mind that you need to begin addressing your problems first.

To me having your own methods of healing is the main key never mind having some doctor covertly TRYING to fix you.

Or to prescribe you medication.

Even life coaches have a higher success rate than the mental health departments.

However I'm not slagging the mental health in the slightest but just feel that an awful lot of them are using dinosaur methods of helping when there are much better new arrivals across the board.

Take for instance this man, you've probably never heard of him but it's one thing to say WHY hasn't he been heard of?

Well I'm not sure but what he done for a whole mental hospital ward was rather a miracle in the working, kinda proves his method is so amazing.

His name is Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len P.H.D

If you don't know who he is do a Google search.

Or check out his story here


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You'll see that he should have been commended for his efforts worlwide but I'm not sure why he is rather unheard of.

There is a book also that the Dr. himself didn't write, it was only when he was confronted by Joe Vitale, that he accepted their offer to write the book for him.

The book is called zero limits and if you have it in you to confront your fears and to ask a doctor for help, your more likely to see quicker results with this

I've just watched someone, quit drugs, change his lifestyle and become the person he really wants to be all trhough the power of books, he didn't pick this particular book, but at the doctors he wasn't changed (given diazepam) it was only the powerful word within a couple of books he picked up that changed everything for his future.

If anyone would like to add to this where they have seen success through books please do, and anyone currently undergoing a mental health problem, a good beginning is Zero Limits, although there are many others this is the most simplest form of healing.
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