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Question Marks Appearing

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I'm not entirely sure how to describe this bug, or even if it is a bug at all.

I usually write my posts in MS Word and then copy & paste them into the reply box of the message board - this a) makes me look like I?m doing something productive at work, and b) helps with my complete inability to spell (something Microsoft's auto-correct made sure of years ago). I digress.

When i copy & paste in the box and then press "submit reply" it usually comes out fine - as far as i can recall. It's if i spot something i want to change after initially posting and click "edit", make the changes and then hit "save", a lot of my punctuation has changed to question marks.

I'll try re-create the issue in this thread.

Edit: Obviously now i want to recreate it, i can't
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    xsazx wrote: »
    yea anything you copy and paste over form word gives you question marks rather than apostrophes - jim explained why but cant remember :p

    I suspect it's something to do with making data safe when it gets inserted into a database, or perhaps something to do with font recognition.
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