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4 days of methadone use, want to stop.

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I have been smoking heroin for the last 3 months, i have had a two week break and another week long break in that time. they were quite easy rattles. I was only smoking 0.10g a day then (10 quid bag every 2 days) I have recently been smoking a 10 quid bag/0.20g a day

I have recently started methadone, today is my 4th day at taking 20mg. I dont really want to carry on and wish I hadnt started taking meth at all and done it cold turkey again.

is 4 days at 20mg enough for me to get withdrawals from the meth? I have 20mg left so could take 10mg tomorrow if needed and maybe 5mg the next day if needed, ideally I want to make today the last dose but im not sure if 20mg is too high a dose to just stop.

there is no worries about me going back on heroin as I do not have a contact as he was jailed for 6 months a few days ago. there is no other way for me to score.

so yeah, am I likely to experience withdrawals from 4 days use? the gear i was smoking was pretty crap so i really should have just done a rattle.

my key worker wants me to stay on meth for another week and then switch to subs, I really want to just stop everything all together though. he hasnt been very helpful really amd wont listen to me, it's either his way or no way,

I cant find any info on the net about very short term meth use.

I know i might have some discomfort but i keep hearing stories of 2 week long rattles off methadone.,

any info will be greatly appreciated




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    also the last time i smoked gear was 5 day ago, the day before i started the meth.
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    well, I'm really no expert, so please forgive me if this sounds condescending, but I think only you can decide when to stop. It might be the hardest thing ever in human history, but why should stopping from one day to the other be impossible? Yeah, dosing down gradually might be easier, but impossible is nothing and it just depends on your willpower, doesn't it?

    good luck tho
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    ^ bit of a pointless post?

    ive nothin to add although im sure someone with a bit more expierence on the subject will be aslong soon! all the best!
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    Your use is pretty small.
    Do the meth in two tens if i aint to late and then go to bed for a couple of days and rattle a bit.
    You might not rattle at all.
    Your advisor isn't very good.
    The best people to be doing that job and the only people allowed to in top rehabs ...are ex junkies.
    They are the only people who have the full picture.
    Best of luck.
    Go for it ...it's not going to be any big deal.
    Find something a bit more fun like than the brown.
    Go for it.
  • +Chimpy++Chimpy+ Deactivated Posts: 37 Boards Initiate
    Hi Jon,
    You can find some very useful info on Methadone on the Erowid website along with a couple of user experiences you might find helpful: Methadone info @ Erowid.org

    If you would like to speak to someone who can offer advice then Talk to Frank can be very helpful. Drop them an email here or call 0800 776600

    Best of luck and let us know how you get on.

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