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I'm getting so angry!

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(sorry for another crutches related thread, i just need a rant because it feels like no one IRL will listen)

for jsut over 2 weeks now, i've been on these fucking things, and its made life difficult, but i thought people would give me some allowances and help me out....would they fuck!

my flat mates have only done stuff when i've absolutely begged them to, like if they could carry a bag into my room for me, nothing big. I've had to bribe someone to help me with shopping, and i've still got people asking me to do things for them left right and centre. I know i'm quite independent, and i normally get on with things on my own, but i have been asking for help and getting a flat no from people who i always help out.

But, i've been good about it, and not had a go at people and been very good. But i can't do it anymore, and i was incredibly close to smacking someone round the chops at a uni event i put on this evening because they were fucking me off so much on purpose...

I've got home and nearly smashed the crap out of my crockery...i just want to cry and scream. I can't get out really, i'm in pain, i can't think straight cos of the medication, people are being twats to me and taking the piss all the time. The last time i had any kind of enjoyment was just after my accident when the only friends who seem to care came over and cooked for me, but one of those friends has mobility issues of her own and can't see me much as she lives 20 mins away by car and doesn't drive. Life was hard enough as it is and all of this is making me want to scream my head off...i can't relax, and i don't know what to do...i'm in therapy atm, but its very early days and i kinda feel i need more than one session a week...


what can i do???


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    stop helping those people so much when you are better?
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    Hey Twisted Trinity,

    Sorry to hear you feel so :mad: . It must be very frustrating not being able to do things for yourself. How long are you on the crutches for?

    I hope having that rant made you feel a bit better, it is well annoying being on crutches and maybe they don't understand how difficult it is.

    Maybe you could suggest they try them out for a few hours to get them to realise how difficult it's been? Are there any things you can take over for them whilst being sat down to return the favours you're asking for?
    Are there any things you could do to make things easier for yourself? Like getting shopping delivered?

    Hope some of these ideas help, keep posting! :)
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    Aww hun sorry to hear ur still feeling crappy well when your'e better these people want help or advice tell them fuck off you wern't here for me when i really needed you
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    i'm getting shopping delivered, i ran sainsburys up and they said that they are starting to deliever to indivdual flats now, instead of it all going to reception. I just stopped doing things for other people unless we can do an exchange. it sound kinda bitchy but it seems like the only way i can get things, like my post being picked up, so someone sticking a load of washing on for me, done.

    I've taken over a lot of my society things, and two of the admin have been doing stuff for me, which has become invaluable.

    I'm struggling just to keep positive and not to get really depressed. I've been asked to go to a party tomorrow, which i will go to, but i know that i can't dance, or drink much and i might have to leave early cos of how tired i'm getting on these painkillers.

    i just want to know whats frigging wrong with me so they can start treatment, rather than me having to sit around in pain for weeks on end, no knowing what might be wrong and if i'll ever be able to go back to doing running and ju jitsu...even if i was able to just go into town by myself and look around a couple of shops...

    it starting to feel like a repeat of the summer all over again...
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    Aww hun if you want pm me anytime to talk etc x:wave: :heart:
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