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My teeth need sorting out

This problem has gone on long enough, when i was younger (10 to 13) i hated toothpaste and rarely brushed my teeth as it made me feel unwell..since then ive put up with the taste and brushed my teeth but they arent going white. theyre like inbetween yellow and white. I wanna go to the dentist to get them whitened and cleaned properly but i havent been in years so ive been taken off the list

Do i just walk into a dentist n ask for treatment? what do i have to do.. will it be free? i'm 16.

I'm a happy guy most of the time and have a laugh but i try not to show my teeth as it embarreses me and it makes my laugh/smile seem fake.
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    it is if your in full time education up until 19...

    but thats a cosmetic issue, not a health issue. have you used whitening toothpaste or whitening kits?
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    you can have a scale and polish which can help remove some stains, i'm assuming thats what they did before
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    If it has been that long, I'm sure it can be classed as medical, minus the whitening, as who knows whats been going on in there. There can be lots of problems that you may never feel.

    There is teeth bleaching and teeth whitening, which I'm assming you'd want whitening as that removes the color and can bring your teeth back to its normal color while bleaching brings them above and beyond your natural shade.

    There are, from what I know, 2 different kinds you can get at the dentist. One is done in the office with applications done 20 minutes at a time 4 times.

    The other is a take home whitening kit your dentist will provide. You are given custom made trays and a lower concentration of the whitening stuff and leave it on for an hour up to overnight.

    In the US, the in office treatments are usually at least double the cost of the take home one.

    Be warned, it can take up to two weeks to see the full results of a whitening or bleaching so if you aren't satisfied right away give it some time. :)

    Though if you can get boob jobs on the NHS because it "depresses" you you might be able to pull off a tooth whitening for it ;) :chin:

    Though yearly x-rays and bi-yearly exams and cleanings could keep you out of the dentist for major things. Alot can be prevented by getting checked up. For example, I went a year and a half without going to the dentist because I didn't want to spend the money... by the time I went a sealant had cracked and a cavity had formed. If I went regularly, the cracked sealant could have been caught and fixed before a cavity had formed.

    Not to mention there are also a dozen and a half flavors of toothpaste if you don't like one.

    I know, sorry.
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    Cheers for the comments, nah i just want the stains removed so my teeth are white :D
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