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University application question

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I have applied to a university and they have written back saying in order to make a decision they would like two examples of my writing e.g. a poem/ essay/ script etc. But I can't find anything decent enough to send off !

Has this happened to any of you and has any one got any suggestions about what to send?

This was the one university I really wanted to go to and I'm really pissed off because I know if I worked harder (or even turned up to college more often) I could have got a place unconditionally. To top it all off another girl on my course has been whinging about not getting in anywhere despite being predicted top grades has got an outright offer from the same university. Boo hoo :(


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    i had to write a essay on the origins of punk to get a schollarship (i didn't get it due to an admin error!)

    just right something about how you feel you've had to strive to get the place but make it sort of cryptic
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    I had to send stuff off. For the uni I'm at they wanted either 3 poems or 5 pages of prose. I had nothing to work with so I ended up fictionalising the recent break up of my relationship and turned it into a short story. I didn't know what to write about but my English teacher gave me some ideas and one was to write about a scene in which a couple is breaking up or getting together - lots of scope for emotion, dialogue, sensual description etc.

    Another uni I applied for I had to submit 300 words of poetry or prose, an interview piece in the style of a local newspaper, and I had to answer the question 'Why write?' in I think 150 or 200 words.

    Have they given you any guidlines ie word count or number of sides?

    Hope this helps a bit.

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    When's the deadline? Can you knock some stuff out quickly?

    I didn't get an offer from one of my unis because I completely forgot to send stuff in (I didn't massively want to go, but it was kind of a backup). They only wanted one thing though.

    I'm sure what you've got will be fine :). They probably just want to see what your writing style is like, they won't be expecting amazing things because that's what your uni course is for :).

    Good luck anyway!!
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