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tonsilectomy post op

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I'm 20 and had my tonsils out yesterday, operation was fine and i was discharged at 4pm and 8:30 my uvula had swollen so large i couldn't swallow or talk and so went to A and E after waiting hours i then saw a member of the surgical team who said he had never seen swelling so bad i was transferred to a specialist unit an hour from my house and was pumped full of anti inflammatorys, saline and pain meds and stayed over night i was released tgoday at 1pm although they wanted to keep me another night but i felt fine.
This evening though (in the past hour) my tongue has now swollen so big that talking is again impossible and swallowing is also a struggle, one of my scabs has already come off so im worried about bleeding.
My pulse feels like its going mad but i think it may be because im panicking a little as i feel short of breath, i'm asthmatic so i've had my inhaker, but im scared that my tongue is blocking my throat and paranoid that if i go to sleep i'll stop breathing, i don't want to have to go back to the hospital and spend another 7 hours waiting about. But my surgeon never mentioned any of these side effects and it worries me as to whether or not its normal.

I've been eating as best i can and been drinking plenty of water.


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    Hate to state the obvious, but if it's got worse again since you were discharged then you need to go back.

    Even if you end up waiting around for hours, if the swelling does get worse and start to restrict an airway then you're in the right place.
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    Aww hun i had my tonsil out 3year ago +it was awful too i had go bk in for 3days extra for infection as my pain medication wasnt workim i had a throat spray +parectmol+something else you need go back sound like you had allergic reaction to something
    Let me know x
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