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Where do you do it?

TashJTashJ *********Posts: 79
Hi everyone,

Just wondering if any of you are volunteering this week. If so, it'd be great to get your help on a new campaign we're starting for's sister website, We want to build up a picture of the volunteering opportunities in the UK, and to do so we need your pictures as examples for others.

So if you're volunteering over the next couple of days, it'd be great if you could get someone to take a photo of you holding up a sign which says 'I'm doing it in [location]' or 'I'm doing it at [organisation]', eg. 'I'm doing it at YouthNet'; 'I'm doing it in London'.

Here's an example I took in the weekend - I volunteered as a steward last summer.

Make sure you get permission from any people in the background of your shot, and then either upload it to Flickr, tagged doitpic, or email it along with your first name or a pseudonym to [email protected] and we'll add it to the collection.

We'll add some more information to the website later in the week, but for now, you can check out

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