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Severe Anxiety...

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I've suffered severe anxiety problems for about 8 years or so now. I get panic attacks, mild depression, concentration problems amongst other unpleasent things.

My anxiety crops up when something bigs gonna happen - i can't go on holiday without crying floods for the week leading up to it, i can't take exams without severe digestive problems, and i get a general feeling of dread leading up to simple things like a night out with friends.

I finally decided to see my GP, and she did a useless multiple choice questionnaire on me and diagnosed me with surprise surprise... severe anxiety! She told me to go and see this website 'beating the blues' its a 10 week online councilling course, and go back and see her again to tell her what i think of it.

Some stupid website where i document my feelings is not going to help my problem... does anyone on here relate, and do you have any suggestions?

I'm desperate! :(


  • PearlyPearly Posts: 345 The Mix Regular

    Some people find that this course is all they need to help them deal with anxiety and depression, but if you feel that you need more immediate help and there's a waiting list to get treatment (i.e. to speak to a counsellor) you could try getting in touch with a number of organisations that have helplines and online counsellors who specialise in dealing with anxiety and panic attacks.

    One example is No Panic - its free helpline number is 0808 808 0545.

    Saneline is another great resource, with a helpline 0845 767 8000.

    If you still feel that speaking to someone over the phone or going through the online course (which is mentioned in our fact sheet Coming off antidepressants) then don't hesitate to go back to your GP - that's what they are there for. If you feel that you'd rather speak to another GP, that is fine as well. You don't have to give a reason to speak to someone else, or to change your GP.

    All the best,
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