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Advise pleeease!!

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Hi everyone.
I left my old job 3 weeks ago after months of being pushed around and generally treated really badly. I just received my final paycheck and not only had they underpaid me by 10 hours (they do this to everyone, every month) they had also deducted £30 for "Company Property". Naturally I went in today and queried these things. Here are my issues, I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this and any advise you can give would be great if possible.
1. They accept that I have been underpaid by 10 hours - I asked for this in cash. Every month, the people who have been underpaid receive cash. They refused and said I would receive it on the next payday, in 4 weeks. I believe that I should not still be on their pay roll, seeing as I stopped working for them 3 weeks ago and am no longer an employee!!
2. They say that the £30 Company Property charge turns out to be for my uniform - two shirts, which I had and wore 5 days a week for 11 months, which have work out on the sides. This is rediculous!! I was doing manual work, involving lots of washing and lifting, the damage to the shirts is CLEARLY just wear and tear, if they had been damaged due to carlesness on my part I would accept the charge but they have simply worn out. The snotty woman I spoke to said I should have had them replaced, but I knew I was leaving so why would I order more?? I don't know what I can do to get my money back. I was wondering if the fact that they just deducted the money from my paycheck without informing me was any kind of issue? ? Please help, I'm sick of being mistreated by this company and I don't want to be cheated by them yet again!!!
Thankyou for reading!!! Best wishes, am1e =)


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    Sounds like your ontop of it going to query them but if they treat you badly what would you rather have

    a bit of money out your pocket
    continuous bad treating..
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