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Put i n a very dangerous position at work

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I work in a Credit Union, a voluntary sector cooperative that offers savings and loans. I was asked to go to the bank to collect some cash for the next working day. I went alone to pick up ten thousand pounds and on the way back to the office was assaulted and robbed of all the cash.
It turns out that we were not insured for the loss as any amount over one thousand pounds should not be colllected by one person alone.
It was a very traumatic experience for me and my knee was injured by dislocation during the incident while wrestling to keep hold of the money. I also have concerns on how it was organised and now worry wether someone at work, however unlikely, arranged for this to happen to me.
I am struggling with the issue of claiming compensation for a number of reasons.
Firstly I have had some problems with the Office Manager, whom I have accused of bullying me. She says that she had not had the opportunity to check the insurance policy but on a personal level I feel let down as she has made plenty of time to watch me like a hawk and pick on me over trivial issues such as filling in time sheets for the times I leave the office for a cigarette. So although I feel she should be accountable for putting me in a situation where I wasn't covered by the office insurance policy, I worry that my personal feeling toward the person is making me want to punish her so I question my own motivation.
Secondly I wonder if I do actually have a good case against them and/or the manager I dont like.
Thirdly, as we are a voluntary sector organisation, we dont have a lot of money floating around anyway and run the office on a shoestring. If any claim was uninsured then the impact on the organisation amy well be great and have quite an impact.
I dont know wether or not to persue a claim against them or not, any ideas?


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    hello mate,

    your company should be insured ....and why did they ask you to get so much money.
    As for compensation for your injury that should be claimed and do not in anyway accept bullying. I really detest bullies. Do you have any procedures you can take the matter further?
    Hope this helps and sorry to hear your plight
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    So they don't have a lot of operational cash yet you were asked to get 10000? Sounds a bit suspicious to me. Sounds like a set-up.
  • Olly_BOlly_B Posts: 222 Trailblazer
    Hi Psi,

    Sorry to hear about your incident at work.

    All employers have a duty of care to their employees, and if your charity couldn't guarantee your safety then quite simply they shouldn't have put you in that position in the first place.

    Equally you shouldn't feel bad about taking action against your employer just because they are a charity. A charity has a board of trustees who are responsible for the charity operating properly and have to take the liability if that charity fails to. If they had inadequate insurance for the role they asked you to perform then both your boss and the trustees have failed to do their jobs properly.

    As someone who works for a charity (YouthNet) and is a trustee for another charity, it makes me quite angry that certain charities believe they should be able to get away with things because they are charities. Charities aren't "good" because they are charities, they are good because of what they do and the people who work for them. If a charity is not operating properly then it is a bad charity.

    Whether you decide to pursue action against your employer is up to you, but please don't feel bad about taking action against them simply because they are a charity.

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