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Who do I talk to?

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My GP before I moved to uni referred me to a lower back triage team. Despite being dated in September, a letter turned up at my parents house on Saturday. I asked them to open it and read it to me. It basically said we've got your referral, please call this number Mon-Fri 9-5 etc. My mum said she would try to get me an appointment for when I come home next month for my old school's prizegiving. I have run out of 'free' minutes on my phone until next week so can't really be having long roundabout conversations with NHS staff.

Anyway, my mum phoned up yesterday and first of all they apparently had a bit of trouble finding any kind of record of me. Then they said that they A) Aren't taking appointments for November, it's too far ahead (?!) and B) They're only open on a Mon, Tues and Fri. So naturally my train arrives 4-ish on a Tues (so won't have time to get to the place, most likely) and I go home Wed night. My parents suggested I came home for a weekend and have an appointment on a Fri but it seems a bit of a shame to come home for a medical appointment rather than something pleasant and a 4 hour round train journey does not appeal to me.

I was wondering if I would be able to have the treatment up at uni instead, so should I phone up these people and drain my resources or should I go to talk to the uni GP and see what they have to say? Oh, and will the fact that I will changed GP since the referral make things awkward?

Thanks for any advice :)


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    Yes, having changed GP will potentially make things awkward. A lot of services only really deal with people from that area, and by changing to the uni GP you are no longer in that health trust. It may or may not be a problem, and personally I'd kind of fail to mention it unless you are directly asked.

    Yes, you should talk to your uni medical surgery about it. It's a good idea to go through any pre excisting problems with a new surgery and they may be more use.
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    Thank you :) I'll go see them tomorrow
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