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Help with finding new products and routine for healthy skin

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
Guys, hope some can advise me! I'm a 22 year bloke, and for the past few years, my skin care routine has only consisted of Johnson and Johnson's Clean and Clear face wash followed by some L'Oreal face wash. The penny has only recently dropped though with me that my skin could probably look much healthier, and my 'routine' could be improved. What I do now is fine, but I'm looking for something that is a bit more than I do currently and the type and make of skin care products to use. I find what I do now hydrates my skin and leaves it fairly soft and smooth but can still appear fairly dull and lifeless sometimes.

I'm going into town tomorrow, so any tips and suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks! :)


  • C FunkC Funk ********* Posts: 163 Settling in
    Hi irv99 :wave:

    Hope you had a good night on the town last night. Did you try anything special for your skin?

    It sounds like you already take excellent care of your skin! I wouldn't recommend overusing skin care products as this can sometimes have the opposite effect. Personally I find that a bit of moisturiser is a great way to keep you skin looking healthy and stopping it from becoming too dry.

    Have a look at our article on natural ways that you can help nourish your skin. We've also got another article on DIY skincare that you might find helpful.

    Hope this helps

  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    are you exfoliating? also what you put into your body really does show on your face. for instance my apetite (sp) has been really low since moving to uni, and its looking kinda lacklustre (so i'm geting loads of fruit into me via smoothies and trying to have a good multivit everyday)

    but in the way of products body shop and lush are always good.
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Thanks for the replies C Funk, and Twisted Trinity.

    C Funk, thanks for the links. I already eat a few things recommended and some of the foods listed in the other article are regular fixtures in my fridge, so will have fun testing them out!

    TT, have thought about exfoliating, it's the kind of thing I was looking for info on when I wrote this, what stuff would you recomment for it and how often would you use it? Also, I'm guessing if I pop into the Body Shop, the people in there, should at least have some idea when it comes to stuff for me?

    Really my problem is whenever I go into, say Boots for example, there's always quite a few skin care products for guys and I can't work out what ones I really need, what order I should be using them in if I did get them and indeed if some of the properties the products have overlap in some way (I mean if I buy this, do I still need that?) ! Of course, some of the more upmarket ones can be more expensive so you really want to know what you're getting before you hand over your money!
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru

    everyone needs a cleanser or wash and a moisturiser. then you can also get treatments such as serums, masks, exfoliators ect which need to be used on a weekly or twice weekly basis. (though some serums require you to use them daily). If you really feel the need to, you can use a night cream as well, but only if you have very dry skin. no body really needs toner, water is a toner, but you can if you want. Creamy cleansers are good if you have dry, wash/gel based ones are best if you have greasy skin. you always cleanse (tone if you want) then moisturise. if using a treatment cleanse then use it. then apply moisturiser after if needed.

    if really depends how much money you have. if i had lots more money then i would be buy most of my stuff from body shop and lush and i would have 2 types of cleanser (a creamy wash and a make up removing one), a toner (or rose water because it works just as well if not better), a day cream, a night cream, an eye cream, an exfoliant and a mask. but as i don't, i have a wash and a day cream, and have a little bit of rose water in a spritzer when i need it. Men's stuff on the whole is exactly the same as other stuff, just packaged differently in order to atract guys.

    if you need some more info, which i have plenty of, then give me a PM
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