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Entering a marketing role with no previous experience...help?

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I've recently got a job with a large technology company. I got the job via a family friend who recommended me, I then had an interview with the chairman of the company and have been offered a position in their marketing department in Portugal. I speak Portuguese and Spanish (that's what my degree was in), but have no previous marketing experience. Obviously I am really grateful for the opportunity and don't want to let them down, but at the end of the day I'm going right in at the deep end and have a feeling I will be the only person there with no previous marketing experience!

Does anybody already working in marketing have any tips, or does anybody know of any good resources (books, internet, or other) that will give me more of an insight into the marketing and communications world so that I can be a little better equipped?



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    I think in most jobs they want to train you how to do it their way but basic knowledge of marketing will help. In my marketing lectures last year I used this book:


    And I found it useful :) don't know how it compares to 'real world' stuff though. Bear in mind again that anywhere you work normally will train / give you an induction on the stuff you have to do anyway, they wont just plonk you at a desk and say 'do marketing'. At least, not in any job I've had. If you had a consultancy role then maybe :p
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    Hehe, no I don't think they'll just plonk me at a desk! Well, I hope not...
    But basically I've been looking into buying a dictionary of business terms, because I was plonked into big business meetings last week (just so I could listen in and have an idea of the projects they are working on), and realised I needed to get a proper understanding of what all those terms meant. And seeing as I'm sitting around waiting for a work start date, I may as well start doing that now! I'm also not sure how much official training I will get, or whether it's more a case of training on the job, and learning from the people around me- which is fine, but it helps to know what they/I am talking about!

    Thanks for the book link, I will look into it! :)
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