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Handing my notice in for my job... help!

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At present I work in IT support, software development and web design / development.

Last week, I had an interview for a web developer role in a bigger company. They have sent me an offer letter, with the same working hours and better pay.

This new role appeals to me. It means I can focus on web development, which I love, and there is scope to eventually work in other areas of the company (of course, time will tell if this happens, but this isn't a deal maker or breaker). They emphasise their support for training - whether it be through courses, materials etc, they're happy to help out time wise and financially.

My current role is also great. I have a great boss, and pretty much manage my own work load, dealing directly with clients. My boss occasionally checks on my work, but that's about it.

However, the pay isn't as good, even with the performance bonuses, but I've become disheartened lately, and feel like my career isn't really going anywhere and that I'm drifting. I feel this is because the company is not growing, and my boss does not seem to want to expand, take on new clients etc as much as I do (despite saying that they want to). I also feel I'm not developing much, in terms of my skillset, which is having a negative impact on the company. There are also other minor niggling issues, which I've raised in the past, such as errors in pay and money still owed to me, which have still not been resolved, despite several polite reminders.

My decision is to move to the new job, but I guess I'm looking for the best way to hand in my notice at my current job. I don't want to get personal as to the reasons why I'm leaving, but equally they are pretty much the reasons why I'm leaving!

One option that I would like to table, and I'm not sure how to go about this, is to suggest that I would be happy to do some small project work on a contract basis for my boss, outside of work hours i.e. on a Saturday, or occasional evening, as I know there will be work avaiable, some of which only I can do (unless my boss can find someone else), and it means I can earn quite a bit. I personally I get on with my boss very well, and certainly don't want to burn any bridges!

Any advice much appreciated.


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    I'd write a resignation letter stating that although you are happy in your current role, you feel you're unable to follow your own ambitions as a web dev guy due to the other work happening around you; and for that reason, you're taking up the position at company X, although will happily be available after your notice period for any consulting work which may be required until they have a replacement.

    Thank them for experience you have gained, and that you appreciate their support throughout your time there.
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    Thanks, that's just what I was looking for.

    I seemed to have hit a brick wall today.

    Thanks again.
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    your new contract may prevent the moonlighting you are proposing
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Good point - I'd already checked this out before you mentioned it, and it's no problem.

    A useful point for other people in a similar situation, though.
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