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Hi :wave: , went to the doctors today as I have finally decided to go on the pill after years of using condoms. The doctor has put me on Femodene, I know everyone is different and certain types of pill suit some people and not others. But I would just like to know peoples general opinion? Its just I decided to read the information booklet which came with them and it kinda scared me... Thanks xxx


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    Hey :wave:
    What parts of the booklet scared you? Was it the possible side effects, stuff like that? If so, try not to worry - no matter what pill you're on, the booklet's likely to say things like that - they have to cover their backs and warn people of the potential problems, even if it's highly unlikely that they will suffer from them. I'm on Ovranette and the booklet is similarly scary. Take them for a couple of months - three's probably a good test - and see how you feel. If you're experiencing anything unpleasant make sure you go and tell your doctor and they'll be able to give you a different one to try. I was on a couple of different ones before settling with Ovranette, the worst side effects I ever got were really bad mood swings, but they've cleared up with this pill. I'm sure you'll be OK but if you have any more doubts, I'm sure your doctor will be happy to reassure you :thumb:
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    i wouldnt recommend it to anyone but thats just off personal experience

    at first i was on the mini pill.. which i was on for a while and started getting constant migraines and doctor told me to stop taking it.. even though i was trying my best to be save i had a pregnancy scare so went back to the doctors they said they would change my pill. They put me on microgynol or something and it made my period last a month!!!! went back to the doctor told me to take this other pill called logynon took that for 2 weeks and the bleeding continued! i have been off this a week and the bleeding has pretty much just stopped now! honestly its been a nightmare .. but everyone is different, but i know i wont be going back on it in any hurry!Also i had other side affects my stomach swelled, i got spots which i never get, the bleeding, and migraines.. dont think its meant for me!!! Dont mean to put you off though!! x
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    It's so tempting to google certain pill brands and hear about other people's experiences, but like you say, everyone reacts to contraception differently. I think also one thing to try and remember is that you need to give your body at least three to six months to get used to a pill - on the mini pill for example, many women find they bleed irregularly or for a lot longer than they would do normally, but after a few months this normally settles down and some women even find their periods stop altogether on this type of pill. And with the combined pill at first you may find your breasts are really tender for a few months and you feel a bit bloated, but again this normally sorts itself out over a few months or up to a year. One thing to keep an eye on is how you feel in your pill free week - if you are getting migraines then it's worth going back to your doctor to talk to them about it. Often that means that the combined pill isn't suited to you and you may have to try the mini pill.

    It's annoying trying a new pill and having to wait for things to settle but often that may be better than switching from one to another too quickly only for your hormones to go a little crazy in the meantime, so stick with it (unless you get an adverse side reactions of course or experience anything unsual) and remember that the leaflet has to list everything that could possibly go wrong - but if you read the leaflet for paracetamol, which most people can take with no problems, that also has a huge list of scary side effects! All the best,
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