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Thinking of moving out

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Final year undergrad student, seriously considering moving out. Living at home has been fininacially great but has slightly strained uni social life. Occassional (Increasingly frequent) arguments with parents is an issue and above all I'm 20; I don't want to be at home all my life. But atm things are good so i'd be moving out on good terms with parents (not the reason I want to move)

I'm worreid it's too big a jump and responsibility to have to manage (esp. in final year) but would love to move out. Have been looking but as all my current mates have already arranged accomodation I'm left either A) moving in with complete strangers B) Moving in to single person flat - if i would manage C) stay here

Ideally i'd rather not do C unless ppl think its a very bad idea for stage 3

Would my student loan increase if i wasn't at home? My parents earn too much for me to qualify for a bursary but wouldn't be contributing at all if i moved out.

Sorry for the long post.

thanks for any replies x


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    Are there no spare rooms at the places your friends are moving to? That'd be your best option if its available. Otherwise i'd suggest moving into the shared accomodation with strangers. I had a couple of friends do this last year and it worked out just fine for them and by the end of the year they were just one big group of mates.
    I'd definately recommend it if only for the experience. Most people would probably think that its a lot harder to get work done when you're surrounded by friends all the time and the temptations of going out rather than working but its not really that bad. You should get a bit more loan than if you were living at home, you will find that it runs out just as fast however and will probably end the year well into an overdraft, but its worth it!
    As someone mentioned to me last year when i was faced with a similar decision: Better to move out on your own now while you have student funding behind you and the support of people at home.
    You get to learn a lot in a very short space of time about managing money, budgeting, and prioritising.
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