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Panic Attacks during exams

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Does anyone else get this? Not before the exam, although I do get pretty nervous in the run up. But just after the invigilator says 'you may begin', i suddenly really panic. I get sweating, feel like I'm going to be sick actually on the desk, and have to squirm about. It's so horrible, and it feels like everyone's watching you :( . I've had it for years, and I've talked to my mum about it. I know it's irrational, but that doesn't seem to help, I just can't help it. It means I find it harder to concentrate on the paper, because I have to calm myself down to be able to do it. And I feel so panicked that I don't care how I do, I just wanna get out. I usually calm down about an hour into the exam, when I've exhausted myself, but not always. And panic kinda comes in waves. I've put my hand up and left a couple of times, but everyone always asks why and I have to make up an excuse. And I always have to go back in at some point and finish the paper. It stems from a general fear I have of being sick (which is really silly I know, and I feel a stupid typing it) and of being stuck in a situation that I can't get out of. I know it's all irrational, and I'm so so tired of it.

Does anyone else experience the same? And if so, what do they do to make exams easier for them? I just have to distract myself by moving my papers around, or trying to control my breathing, but apart from that I'm helpless.


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    i have a separate room for my exams, so that at least i'm not worrying about people looking at me or worrying that they are all writing and i'm not or whatever. college also gave me a bit of extra time for each paper, so i can give myself a bit of a break in the middle. even if i don't use the time, having it calms me a bit because it takes a little bit of pressure off. i've seen a real difference since i've had the special arrangements, not in my peformance but in how i felt during the exams, before i would completely panic and forget everything whereas being in a room with just me and an invigilator i know that if i do panic it doesn't matter, which in reality means i hardly do anymore.
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    It sounds like I have the same fear as you. Haven't started my exams yet this year but they are soon. I spoke to my personal tutor about it and I get to do it in a seperate room which I think will help loads. Lots of people have to do the exam in a seperate room for whatever reason. Panic attacks are a really common problem during exams so it won't be like they haven't had someone with it before. I'd speak to a tutor about it :) This year I'm planning to take those Kalms tablets too. No idea if they will work or just be a placebo effect but it's worth a try.
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    Just make absolutely sure your department knows. I didn't tell mine and fucked up an exam last year because I was hyperventilating and the invigilator didn't take me seriously. If they don't know in advance they can't do anything.
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    Panic Attack

    Hi innocent_kate,
    Yes, I'm too had panic attacks during my exam and feel too depressed and can't study hard but then I've searched the net and every body is warning me to take the anti-depressant drug to take as medicine for panic attack then found the book Kick Panic Away and this help me in killing my panic forever and feel very good after that. Hope you feel good too after reading this book.

    Good Bye N Take Care
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