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And so it comes to an end... (uni)

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I'm sure many people here are in the same boat...

I'm about to finish my course in university and this will mean saying goodbye to almost all of my uni mates (especially as so many of them are international students).

Kinda weird, as university was the first thing I really have done for myself and I've met some fantastic people. I plan on staying in London and most of them are going back home, apart from my second year mates of course.

And me, I am torn... I have no problem making new aquaintances, but love my friends dearly and would like to stay in better contact... yet the area I live in is hoighty toighty affluent and accomodation will be a problem, especially if 'm being a broke graduate. This means I will probably have to move away to a less pricey area... Which considering my location would be quite a travel unless I'm lucky.

I love my social life, perhaps too much and don't wish to leave it behind, I feel I have even grown attached to it and to certain people. At the same time, there are plenty I would like to lose touch with, as I am finally ready to truely be me.

It is just so strange moving on (I know, I'm not really asking for advice, just anecdotes).

So when you finished university, how did you find it?

Some people I know say that it sucks and they have never felt such a loss of freedom, others feel a huge weight lifted (I'll probably feel the latter).

Do you still see your mates, or do people move on pretty fast?

Is it easy to make friends after university?
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