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difficult situation

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hi there

i'm really unsure what to do...

i've suddenly started having feelings about a guy i've had previous with. it wasn't a relationship, it was sort of a one night stand, but he made me feel amazing like no other man has made me feel (no sexually, just being with him and the way he treats me). he makes me feel like this everytime i see him, which isn't often as we hang out in different parts of town. He has never said directly that he doesn't fancy me (infact i'm sure he does otherwise he wouldn't have slept with me), but he has said that he doesn't think it would work between us- i'm not sure why, but i think he said this to make me feel better rather than meaning it, as he was in a relationship at the time (he isn't any longer and hasn't been for a while). he does seem to try and keep a distant between us when we don't see each other but he's lovely when we are together and involves me in what he's doing. We haven't as much as kissed since we had our thing...

i keep thinking about him, and i really don't know what to do. i don't want to appear obessesive, but i can't seem to let it lie....


  • TashJTashJ ********* Posts: 79
    Hi darkshines,

    Sounds like this guy's behaviour is rather confusing at the moment - when you're together you say he's lovely, but he still seems to be keeping his distance. When you're not sure how someone feels, it's really easy to spend a lot of time thinking about them...

    You say that he's said in the past that 'he doesn't think it'd work between you', but that he was in a relationship at the time. Do you think it'd be possible for you to ask that question again now? Perhaps you could wait till you next see him, or organise to do something casual together like going out for lunch or for drinks with a group of friends.

    Sometimes it pays to prepare yourself for both answers - that he's interested in a relationship, or that he isn't. Hearing that someone isn't interested can be really upsetting, but its often better to know that to spend your life wondering 'what if?'.

    Take care,
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    If he's in a relationship then he doesn't want his gf to find out and probably thinks he made a mistake.
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