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Exploitation, sigh

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Well my sister has been working in a hair salon for 2 years. She does everything the other guys do, except gets paid £2 an hour because she's a trainee. She's been attacked by some of the senior staff, threatened etc. but still put up with it because she wants her qualification.

So she's had legitimate issues and had some time off, not long about a week, and they've dismissed her. They said they'd given her 3 warnings which is untrue (unless they were casual comments the boss thought were warnings - nothing she thought was official though) and I can't help feeling they want to let her go because in about two months she'd be qualified and they'd be legally obliged to pay her minimum wage.

Really, does this system work?


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    Hi man,

    Sorry for the late reply - I'd suggest asking your sister to ask a question through askTheSite - http://www.thesite.org/askthesite

    The CAB answer all the legal questions and they'll be able to outline the possible options and the best ways to proceed - as clearly it's not right what's happened.
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    I will recommend that to her Jim.

    She had a termination and agreed this with the boss. She turned up for work on the wednesday and he had told another member of staff to tell her she was sacked. He wont answer her calls. No warnings on file.

    She's fortunate that the college she's with are sympathetic and are going to let her finish her qualification through there. Then she's off to uni next year to do a level 3 GNVQ and then the diploma / degree in hair and beauty.

    Really my sister has had it tough, definately off the rails 12-15 or so and up to no good, but pulled herself out of it with only 2 GCSEs and worked really hard to get this piss poor paying job to do something she actually feels good about. She's had plenty of problems with the staff, plenty going wrong in her personal life that I'm not sure if it's up to me to talk about, then she falls pregnant... and gets the sack for it even though the manager explicitly said 'take as long as you need' (she said it would only be a week).

    Talk about kicking someone when they're down.
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