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PhD or Graduate Job

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First off, hello all, I've not been here in a long time...

However, it seems I have a difficult decision to make in the coming weeks regarding my future career options, so thought I'd come ask for some opinions :)

I started my first "proper job" about 3 months ago, after finishing an MSc up in manchester, (prior to that I obtained a BSc elsewhere). I work as a software engineer doing web developement, c# .NET SQL, that sorta thing.

last week, my uni supervisor phoned me and offered me the opportunity to do a (fully funded) PhD, and I have no idea which would be the best option to take... And whilst I appreciate that I am in a very fortunate position here, it doesnt make the decision any easier!

my current job is on a decent graduate wage, the staff are nice, it's a small company, and with a couple years experience I could get a decent paid job in most parts of the country... I'm also currently living at home. oh, and I dont dislike the job either, it's pretty interesting.

however, the PhD would involve being ahead of the game as it were, researching cool new stuff, and being paid a similar amount to what I get now to do so.

Problem is though, I have no idea which of these two options will give me the better career aspects. :no: and also, manchester is a long way from anyone I know and I got pretty lonely up there last time I was there for one year, never mind 4...

argh, help? :confused:


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    if i was you, i'd jump at the PhD no questions asked. but only if you felt you could deal with the distance.
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    For career prospects as far as I'm aware the experience tends to be seen more highly. But it really depends on what you want to do and the field of expertise.
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    If the phd is in a subject area that you want to work and that level of further knowledge is required then jump at it. Otherwise in the IT industry phd's really don't get you that much further career wise, just you'll be 4 years further down the road to starting your career, with less work experience than others who graduated at the same time as you.
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    Personally I would go for the PhD because I think there aren't many times in life where you get offered funded opportunities like that while not having the financial pressure of owning your own house/supporting a family. If it is in an area you're really interested in and you'll think you'll enjoy it then I would go for it because it is something you'll have with you forever.

    However it does sound to me like you're leaning more towards staying where you are, and whether it will advance your career prospects is a big consideration. Look at it this way - if you do the PhD and come out in four years time and go straight back into the sort of job you're in now with the same sort of money, would you be happy with that or regret not having gained experience and worked your way into a better job?

    It is a very personal thing because I'm the type of person that would be the former, so really depends where you want to be a few years down the line.
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    thanks for the input so far guys :)

    I guess this has just thrown me, the offer's come just as I was beginning to settle into my new job and everything...

    the thing is I would have said yes 6 months ago, and probably if it were further south in the country too. Main issue's that I didnt have much fun up there last time I was there!

    (also didnt help that my gf of 4 years and I broke up while I was there :no: )
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