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Having two jobs.. pros cons etc

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    I had two jobs for a while when I was at university. It was pretty stressful trying to juggle everything, more stressful than just doing more hours at one employer. Infact I did this as well when I was on summer holidays from school. I found it easier when I was a bit younger with more energy!
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    I'm juggling two jobs these days on top of other commitments. I don't particularly enjoy it as it means most of my days off in my 'main' job are spent working for the other company. But it's usually worth it around the time bills pile in and I know I'll be gettin the extra money! In fact I now depend on my second job to get by my financial health is that bad. ;)

    Things to consider are how you'll handle the tax. I don't know how it works in the UK but here I can either split my tax or get taxed in full at one workplace and get my benefits at the other.
    Also make sure you're not working every hour of the week. For me personally I have a certain threshold and if I work more than that I tend to go a bit mental. It's not a nice feeling.
    Knowing how to say no is also a good skill.

    My friend I work with has her second job at a large venue and was looking forward to working at the bar at all the big techno events. She likes the job itself but usually she doesn't really feel like she's had a night out. I've sometimes asked her how she's enjoyed the night if I've been there as well and she usually doesn't have much memory of the music played. She's however much better clued up than I am if there was a lot of drinking and drugs. ;)

    You could give it a go if you've got the time. Worst case scenario you don't like it and quit, that's not so bad. :thumb:
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    You dont legally have to tell the other employer as long as its not stated in either contract that you have to or your work over 48-hours a week (highly unlikely).

    You will have to declare the second job for Tax/NI purposes. You can either ask the revenue to split the tax between both jobs taxs codes or have your allownace in full on one job and be taxed full wack on the other (and you cant pick which one that is).

    If you do have two jobs, make sure you get your P60 end of year certificates for both and apply for a tax rebate as its highly likely you'll end up overpaying.
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