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Household insurance question...

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im a insurance virgin and have never made a claim in my life.

as some of you may or may not know, we had a little accident with the laptop last night...

anyway, we have our contents insurance which states:
Accidental damage for home entertainment equipment i.e. TV, DVD, PC etc is automatically included in cover

so i presume it'll be covered.

the thing is, the laptop was like 3 years old.

i dont have my policy details with me to check about excesses etc..

does anyone know the process for claiming? how long does it take? dont suppsoe anyone knows the excess with budget or does it depend on policy etc??

or is it not worth claiming on insurance at all? just need a bit of advice....

cant afford to buy another one at the moment either :crying:

also i presume this means my premiums will go up next year?


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