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More TheSite bribery - free CDs

SystemSystem Posts: 8,627 Staff Team
Right, here’s the thing.

Being the generous Board Lords that we are, we’ve decided to give you guys the chance to win some CDs. But wait one second - you’re going to have to do something in return. Something for nothing? No way! Let me explain…

Now, as much as we’d like you all to be 100 per cent committed to TheSite, and TheSite only, we know there’s a pretty good chance that a lot of you post to other boards as well. (Traitors).

Stick with me here, I’m getting to the point.

What we want you to do is mention www.TheSite.org in your signature file, or at the bottom of your message, when you are chatting or posting on other BBs on the web.

That way the people you chat to elsewhere will get to know about TheSite.org as the best places for content and discussion around.

Each week we'll be checking out popular message boards on other websites and when we find someone mentioning TheSite.org we'll announce it to the world (well, the boards anyway) – and send that person a CD.

So go forth and post. We’ve got six copies of excellent Ibiza compilations to give away to the first six people spotted.

You might call this callous bribery (and you might be right). We also call it spreading the good word TheSite.org ;-)



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