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owed holiday pay

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Hi, can anyone advise me on my rights on this matter.
I have worked for a small shop for 7 years, I have never had a writen contract.
January 2007 the buisness was sold and we were told that everything would stay the same as in working hours, pay ect.
Staff have been very thin on the ground this year and I have been working to cover shifts or not taking holiday because there would be noone to cover for me, so I only took half my owed holiday.
In the past with my old boss, any holiday not taken by the end of the year was given to us in cash. I asked my new boss before the end of December if he was going to do the same and he said he would, although he had kept no records of what paid holiday had been taken..I would have thought his acountant would have records, but I could be wrong.
I worked out the holiday I have taken and the remaining owed and gave him a print out of the figures. He looked at it and filed it without comment.
Since then I have brought up the subject a couple of times and he just grunts and walks off.
As far as Im concerned he owes me this money, it was an unwriten agreement between us, but what legal rights do I really have? Can I claim the cash or have I forefitted it by being concientious and not leaving the shop short staffed?
Thanks in advance for any help you can give.:thumb:
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