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How do i appreciate what i have?!

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Hi everyone! :wave:

Basically I would like to see if anyone has any advice for me on how i can start appreciating everything i have abit more???

Ok...i have a really good life....fairly good health....nothin really bad has happened to me before. I have great friends, great family, been in a relationship last 5 months n it's goin really well, have a good job & in college too.

And even though I know all of this....I still seem to get really low & a little bit depressed sometimes and then i jus feel worse coz i get really guilty coz i know i actually am one of the luckiest ppl in d world!! I start thinkin way too much about stupid little things and worrying about 'what if?'

I'm the type of person that loves to hav sumthin to look 4ward to so i always try book weekends away or plan things ahead. i'm always happy when i hav things like that to think about but then it's when i come home from d weekend away that i start gettin real depressed again!!!

Anyhow....would be great to hear ur thoughts n if anyone else ever feels like this?:)

Sweetiebabe xx


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    hey sweetiebabe

    It's quite normal to sometimes feel down, even in the face of having good family and friends around you etc. We can't always help our moods, and sometime we just have bad days - simple as that.

    It sounds like you do appreciate the good things you have - you're aware of all the good things and people you have around you, but maybe you're beating yourself up a bit too much about being unappreciative? Sometimes, just being aware and recognising them and being thankful is enough in itself.

    It's only when the good things you have lose their shine and stop cheering you up that perhaps you should consider talking to a doctor about how you're feeling. When everything seems completely rubbish, you could be feeling depressed rather than down. It sounds like you're experiencing perfectly normal 'down' days, but you might want to take a look at some of our articles on depression to learn a bit more about the symptoms:

    Understanding depression

    Breaking free of depression

    Also, consider doing more activites to boost your mood, and look at your diet too. Exercise is a great mood enhancer and a healthy balanced diet will definitely help to smooth out the edges too - the food and mood website might give you some tips.

    Take care :)
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    How about some lifechanging experience which will make you appeciate just how lucky you are. Such as volunteering with children in a third world country or something similiar - to meet your interest?
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