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Olympic hopes

C FunkC Funk Deactivated Posts: 163 Helping Hand
It's been three months since London was unveiled as the hosts of the 2012 Olympics. TheSite.org head off to the Linford Christie Stadium to ask people if they were excited about being the host nation.

Check of what they said here.

What do you think?? Is it a waste of money?? Will the games be a success?? Are you even bothered??

Let us know what you think :thumb:


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    I'm excited because one of the girls at my canoe club (who I have known since she was 7 years old) is one of the Olympic hopefuls and is quite likely to represent us for Women's sprint kayaking and as it's going to be in the UK (I don't think the regatta lake will be in London, possibly Eton rowing lake) it means I can go and watch her :D

    Edit to answer like RS did:

    What do you think:
    It's good and I'm glad we're the host BUT I'm glad its not happening in Leeds where I live so I don't have to pay any extra for it. I think that any big projects like this undertaken by the UK always end up over budget and not finished on time. It's still cool though.

    Waste of money:
    If they donate more money to sports other than football then no, it won't have been a waste of money.

    Will the games be a success?
    I hope so, I reckon people are more motivated to win on home groud and sports are really being pushed now which is good.

    YES! I want to go and watch.
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    What do you think??

    Load of crap

    Is it a waste of money??


    Will the games be a success??

    No idea

    Are you even bothered??

    Not really
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