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Complaint regarding Jim V

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Hello Moderators,

I believe Jim V has acted unethically for the following reason.

After Jim closed a thread regarding (the islamic campaign for "Islam is Peace"), which is by the way the highest replied to and posted thread in the entire Political forum.

I opened a thread to complain against Jim's behavior and posted my points. I even asked Jim to ethically refrain from moderating the thread about himself.

Jim then proceeded to perform a highly disturbing action as far as blogging and forum etiquettes are concerned. He made it so only me can see my posts and no one else can see them. Jim did not inform me of this action. Not just Jim violated my rights to free speech, Jim violated my right to even realize I am censored.

In short, Jim thought to isolate my posts and my opinion and censor it so only me can see it and no one else on the board. I consider this action to be heavy-handed and downright unethical. It is worse then censorship. Jim thought he can just isolate me and hope I will just go away.

I would like to know if this is standard procedure and I am hoping we can resolve this issue within this thread.
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