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BBC and Climate Change

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Is the BBC upholdings it reputation for neutrality, giving in to unwarranted pressure or given the poor ratings for the Live Earth concert decided not to show something which two men and dog were likely to watch?


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    Where the hell is Kermit when you need someone to denounce Aunty? :p

    The BBC is not neutral towards climate change, and nowadays they can't even be arsed to pretend that they are. Even the Beeb's own staff (which consist mainly of hoodie-hugging, sandal-wearing Lefties who first saw their jobs advertised in The Guardian "newspaper", a rag which would be bankrupted if all those public companies took their advertising elsewhere) admit that they're biased on this issue. Anyone who doesn't agree with the BBC on climate change is treated as some kind of heretic and someone who isn't worth listening to.

    Whilst they're at it, maybe the BBC could admit a few other things - like its pro-Labour bias, pro-EU bias, anti-Israel bias, etc etc...
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    stargalaxy wrote: »

    Care to back any of that up?

    Anyway, back on subject, Im undecided on this one... the BBC has been doing alot of climate based shows. But then again is the BBC not there to provide the public with information and facts at least to decide for them selves over the issue. And if it isnt neutral on climate relief, should it get done for not being neutral for Children In Need? Or Comic Relief? Or indeed Live 8?
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    It seems like a stupid issue to me. It's impossible to be unbiased. Equally, it's quite acceptable for various BBC programmes to have their own editorial line. Top Gear has a clear opinion about climate change and speed cameras because Jeremy Clarkson writes it. Planet Earth has a clear editorial line about climate change because David Attenborough writes it. Country File was obviously against the fox hunting ban because whoever writes the script was presumably of that opinion. The issue isn't to refuse anyone with an opinion a chance to express them in their programme, it's simply to allow writers of various opinions the chance to be heard. If you didn't have bias in programmes, you'd have the dullest TV on the planet. That's why Channel 4 is the best, because they give more minority viewpoints a voice in my opinion.
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