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heyloo :)

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Hey there everyone :)

I'm not so new here...i used to come here a long time ago in a galaxy far too close for comfort as my old name, partyanimal1245. Some of you may remember me, i hope. :) (hi to all those on my lj friends list btw! :))

Aaanyway, i figured it was time that i came back. :) For those who don't know me i'm:

- 22 years of age
- Male
- In a small country town in the state of Queensland, Australia
- Bi
- A Computer geek (not a gamer though)
- Single
- Always up for a good time
- A Rum and Cola drinker
- A uni student
- Someone who's always willing to "give 'er a go"
- Not A Country Person(TM)

Great to see you all, take care everyone :)


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