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I've just seen the signature of Lu_C about endometriosis.

My boyfriend told me about it this afternoon, we went on the web to look for information about it.

Well, maybe, I should start by the beginning :rolleyes:

Well, everything started 1 month ago.

While I was having sex with my boyfriend, I suddenly felt a very aching pain in my lower abdomen.

We stopped everything, and I was bent with pain on the bed.

Since the pain wasn't disapearing we went to the hospital emergency.

They gave me painkillers, kept me overnight.
They made a lot of analyses (echography + blood analyses + vagina analyses)...

And they found nothing... The doctor said it was perhaps an inflammation, and so gave me anti-inflammatories.

I went back home, happy and scared that they didnot find anything.

The pain came back but less painful and less longer as before.

One week and a half later, on the friday, I started taking pills.

On the saturday, I went to a birthday party, drank a lot...

When I woke up on sunday morning, I had an horrible pain in the lower abdomen, the same I had when i went to the hospital. I also felt very sick and 10 minutes later I was vomiting my evening's meal...

Even after that i was still having this pain in my abdomen.

Back home, I went straight for a cold shower : the thermometre was indicating 39.5°C, very bad.

I laid on my bed, all day long, thinking that the pain would be gone the day after.

On Monday, I went in class because I had my exams, still with this pain. The only thing i was thinking then was : "the quicker you finish this exam, the quicker you'll be at the sick room" I finished 20 minutes ealier and went straight there.

The nurse gave painkillers, did not work...

I decided to go to the doctor.

She asked me for urine and blood tests. She told me it had nothing to do with alcohol or digestion, maybe it was stress.

That done, I went back home, still in pain.

At 7pm, the doctor called me telling me to go straight to hospital because my blood test were bad, I was suffering from anaemia.

So I was back in hospital, they kept me 3 days under painkiller transfusion, i felt really good then.

But they didnot find anything.

I went back home. And the pain came back.

It stopped aching but could come back at any moment, and then, I can be bent with pain anywhere for 15 seconds.

Today it's been 23 days since my period start... My gyneacologist changed me my pills.

I read all the articles about endometriosis, and I feel really depressed now... Is that what I have ?

Can it be cure ? Why did my doctors didn't find it ?


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    Doctors thought that I had that, and I had many tests, and was in hospital for a week last time with pain. My oain sounded similar to yours, but was going on for over a year. The doctors didnt find anything, but I saw a pain specalist, and he decided that as i'd stopped taking the pill (I came off it altogether) and the pain had stopped, it was a reaction to the pill. Don't know if it was the type I was on (combined) or the brand. Just see how you go and keep going back to the doctor if the pain comes back. Keep going untill something gets done.
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    I can't figure out from your post if you was getting these pains during your period or just in general? So..

    Are you fairly new to sex? Because when I was still quite new to sex (say less than a years experience) I would get the same pains you described. I went to the doctors, I even went to A&E because it was hurting so much! After inconclusive tests I worked it out for myself that actually it was from having sex. When me and my boyfriend did certain positions his dick would bang against my womb and cause a lot of pain afterwards!

    So I advise that for now you to stay away from positions which allow deep penetration such as doggy style and legs over his shoulders. Just see if these pains go away over time. If you do want to do these positions then go really slow and shallow at first because your womb will tilt to accomodate your boyfriends dick. Once it does you'll be able to go deeper.

    Hope that helps! Obviously if you're still getitng bad pains and you also get bad periods then perhaps it could be something else but from what I can gather its just pain and not linked to your period.
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    My girlfriend was diagnosed with endometreosis about 6 weeks ago, she has had much of the symptoms you described, luckily for her its a very mild case but it still pains her, but she isn't suffering from anything worse e.g. infertility etc..

    We are waiting to find out if she needs drug treatment or not, depending on how she feels and how well the coil reduces her period etc.
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    No, it's not nessasserally what you have. A lot of things can cause abdominal pains. You doctors are really the only people who can tell you what's causing the pains.
    If you're not happy that you've not got a diagnosis, go back to the doctors.

    You're french, right?

    If you want to find out more information on Endo, then here's the link to a French website: www.endofrance.org

    You might be able to see if you have any other symptoms.

    But the pains you're getting could be totally unrelated to endo, what Lipsy said also sounds possible. I could be a number of things. But I really hope you feel better soon and the pains stop.
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