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Victoria's Secret

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You guys have that there, right? I'm sure I"ve read it in threads about bras. Anyways, they don't sell the clothes around here in stores and I was wondering if anybody had ever bought any of their pants? I've got their latest catalog and they have some really cute jeans at pretty good prices (and free shipping :p ) and since my regular store has been shitty with the jean sales I thought I might try this. But as we all know pants shopping is probably the worst shopping and should be illegeal to do so without trying them on, (especially since I can wear 2 different sizes of even the same brand and general style :\) so I thought I would ask any opinions. They do seem to have a good return policy (though I've never tried it and it could be horrible), but thats always such a pain in the ass.


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I don't think we have it here!

    I went to Victoria's Secret on Madison Avenue in March though and got fitted up there. They measured me in the shop, gave me a voucher with my bra size on it and then I handed that in at the fitting room where I got a box of all different styles of bras in my size to try on. I bought a push up one and I lurrrrve it :D

    One thing I didn't understand though is that they said "You're a 32C but you should wear a 34B". So I said "well can I try both in this style?" and she said "No they only do the 32C in the little sexy bras". lol.
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