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low fat / healthy vegatarien meals

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I want to start to make my own meals, instead of frozen, im fairly limited to what i can cook, this mainly consisits of veggi spag bol, pasta, and stir fry. as well as straight forward things such as beans on toast etc.

does anyone have any low fat veggi recipies that i can have a go at making. im allergic to nuts, so nut free if possible.


emz x


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    omlette, with veg or cheese or both
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    dont suppose you eat fish do you? (I know, stupid question to ask a vegetarian, but some do).

    sweet potato, potato & garlic mash, with salmon. is nice, for example.

    mushroom risotto / rocket & lemon risotto. both are easier to make than you might think.

    roast vegetable & feta cheese pie / bake. unfortunately I dont know how to make it, but my mum does and it's good :yum:

    vege curry, thai / indian / malasian etc (ok ,so not particularly low fat, but good for a treat!)

    lasagne (I prefer vege lasagne to meat)

    pity you're alergic to nuts, those vege nut cutlets are lovely! I also like nutroast too... (I'm not even a vegetarian)
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    ^ Vegetarians DON'T eat fish :mad: FFS

    Here are some cheap and easy meals to make...

    A current favourite of mine is as follows...

    Boil some water and pour some in to a measuring jug with a vegetable stock cube, a sprinkle of oregano and maybe some basil (if you like those herbs), don't make too much, no more than a quartre of a measuring jug.

    Next add some tomato puree, however much you'd like depending on thickness, I normally add around three tablespoons.

    Cut one large mushroom and a medium sized one and a courgette, a tomato, an onion and finely cut, then crush a clove of garlic. Throw them all in a pot with a handful of TVP (or quorn mince if you prefer, but TVP is vegan) and maybe adzuki beans if you like and then pur the sauce over and cook until the courgette is soft.

    Serve with black pepper, veg*n parmesan and pasta. Cheese if you like too (note that most parmesan is not suitible for veggie diets).
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    Simple stir fry:

    Get some plain firm soya and cut it in to cubes of around 1cm for each side.

    Get a large deep plate, pour soy sauce on it, then a squeeze of lemon juice, a clove of crushed garlic, a pinch of sugar, a bit of ground ginger (or chopped fresh ginger) and then add a dribbe of water. Use this to marinade your tofu, turning it over a few times so it can soak in.

    When you feel it's done, heat a wok and put about a tablespoon of veg oil in and heat it. Whilst it's heating, chop some mushrooms and a courgette, you can also prepare some beansprouts if you like.

    Throw the tofu in the pan until it is starting to lightly brown, then throw the rest in. Put some wholewheat noodles in a pan to boil and continue stir frying your veg. throw in whatever marinade didn't sink in to the tofu.

    Once the noodles are done, throw them in and stir for about a two minutes, add soy sauce.

    Loverly. :yum:
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    Namaste wrote: »
    ^ Vegetarians DON'T eat fish :mad: FFS

    jees, calm down.

    I said it was perhaps a stupid question. it's often pescetarians or demivegetarians just call themselves vegetarian.
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    couscous is nice.

    Boil a kettle of water, get a mixing bowl with a lid (something akin to salad lunch boxes even), put in as much couscous as you like, and add the exact amount of water. The easiest way to measure this is with cups. Add approx 2 teaspoons of oil (Im guessing, it's just a 'gloomp' if you know what i mean) and mix it together. Then put the lid on.

    Then, get a red onion and chop half of it (or quarter, depending on the size of the portion). Also, half of a red pepper is nice. Feel free to add mushrooms, but you must be mad, cos mushrooms are horrid. In fact, add anything. But both onions and peppers are sweet and textured, which couscous is not.

    Open your couscous (should still be warmish) and put in two to three teaspoons of tomato pesto. Mix. Add the veg. Mix. Feel free to eat warm or keep in the fridge for later.


    It's a great dish because you can chop and change with whatever you like. I want to try it with balsalmic vinegar instead of the tomato pesto one day. Just about being imaginative. But have some, you wont go back, it's GORGEOUS. Blows spag bol and most of the vegetarian incarnations out the water.

    For sandwiches:
    try getting a ciabatta, spreading mango chutney and wensleydale with cranberry cheese.

    For a mid-day meal, try greek yoghurt with cereal. Be careful as I don't know what cereals contain nuts.
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