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To go or not to go?

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I'm currently doing my AS levels at my school's sixth form, and it's ok, apart from the fact that i've been thinking about going to a proper college after these exams to do a BTEC in art and finish my A2 year in English.

I'm just stuck at the moment because i don't know which would be better, finishing my A levels at sixth form, and then going to Uni, or doing a two-year BTEC at college and therefore putting off Uni for another year.

I was looking at doing an Architecture course, and some of the good ones require 3 complete A levels that i would lose if i went to college. However, staying at sixth form means carrying on doing Graphics, English Language and Geography and i'm scared i'm going to be completely lost if i went straight on from sixth form to university, because it's still like school.

The Art BTEC will involve using a lot of techniques i havn't done before, like photography, textiles,and a lot of sketching which i can do (as i do Graphics) but i'm not that good at.i'd love to give it a try because i really enjoy art and design but i dont want to be out of my depth if it isnt necessary.

I could finish my A levels and do a foundation course before University, i'd hate to go having missed out on doing photography and things, because of the crappy facilities we have at school, we havnt been able to do.

I know it's longwinded, just wanted some advice from people who have done a btec and if it has any advantages over A levels? Or any other advice at all, i want to make sure i make the right decision before i rush off to college just because it's new and exciting.

Thankyou :)


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    ive done a BTEC in fine art. i did that instead of A-levels but thats mainly because i am passionate about it and there was no other subject i wanted to study.

    if its because you want some college experience before uni, then you might be better off finishing you AS levels and then doing a post-18 course. the post-18 is similar work to the BTEC but is only one year and will give out an out of school experience. i know alot of people who did a-levels and felt the same so they did this instead. that way you still get your a-levels and you've had a college experience.
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    I did my A levels and then the foundation course. The sixth form I went to wasn't all that good though... so when I got to the art college I was so happy. I felt like I was amoung my kind of people, ( a bit mad and eccentric, but passionate about the work). The foundation course offers you a chance to explore a lot of different aspects of art and design, and it gives you a chance to prepare for interviews, and basically just have that extra years worth of knowledge. I found it to be a great experience.
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